This Ain’t My America.

Legalized Plunder
Controlled Economy
Massive Regulation
Tax Code Used as a Weapon
Activist Courts
Hatred Toward Our Military
Lobbyists Bribing Corrupt Politicians
Unions Bullying Workers
Racism in the form of Affirmative Action
Anti-Christianity Policies From Government
Controlled Liberal Curriculum in Schools
Eco-Freakos Running Business Policy
Those Stupid Twirly Light Bulbs
Politically Correct Speech
Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine
Government Doles
Ignoring Illegal Alien Problems
Communists in Positions of Power in Government
Unelected Unaccountable Officials Making Policy and Enforcement Decisions
Enormous Bureaucracy
Attacks on Vouchers and Homeschooling
Giving Sovereignty to the UN
Treaties Curtailing the Freedom of Americans
Taxing and Controlling and taking Private Property

This Ain’t My America.


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