Guvernul federal al Statelor Unite

Guvernul Statelor Unite este format din 3 puteri:

Guvernul federal NU inseamna doar puterea executiva, aka Administratia Obama. Cind se vorbeste despre GUVERN, se explica cele 3 ramuri/puteri:

The Federal Government is run through three branches, created with equal powers but very different responsibilities that act to keep their powers in balance:

• The legislative branch forms and amends the legal structure of the Nation.
• The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the laws that the legislative branch enacts.
• The executive branch—connected to the office of the President—has the widest range of responsibilities. It employed 96% of all Federal civilian employees (excluding the Postal Service) in 2004.

Taxarea nu o poate face Administratia Obama, ci doar Congresul – mentionat aici ca fiind „government” – guvern.

Congratulations, fellow Americans! As of August 19 you are finally working for your own benefit instead of the government’s. According to Americans for Tax Reform’s Center for Fiscal Accountability, the 2010 Cost of Government Day — “the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burden imposed by government at the federal, state and local level” — fell on August 19.

Congresul face parte din guvern.

The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States of America, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Un citat de James Madison, numit Tatal Constitutiei. Cred ca el stia despre ce e vorba, nu?

Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government. – J. Madison

Poate ca in Romania, guvernul este puterea executiva a statului. Asta nu inseamna ca asa este peste tot. Fiecare tara are expresiile proprii. Unele nu au sens doar traducind din dictionar. Sper ca problema s-a lamurit.




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