Mai multe despre Detroit

Continuare de aici.

Asa va arata si Ameritopia lui Obama.



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      • Nici Chicago nu-i departe de Detroit. Detroitul a fost capitala mașinilor. Detroitul s-a construit pe acesta industrie. Sindicatele au distrus si industria auto si Detroitul.

        Nu știu ce fel de politica au dus primarii Chicagoului, dar Detroitul este dovada ca politica liberala de a cheltui mai mult decit încasează si de a da bani unora fără ca sa aibă pretenția ca sa lucreze nu aduce prosperitate.

        Care crezi tu ca sint motivele?

      • Nu știu cit de mult l-a salvat, crimele încă sint in creștere. Dar dacă implementau principiile liberale pun pariu ca nu erau departe de Detroit. De fapt, nici nu cred ca sint. Oricum, liberalii nu se pot lauda ca principiile lor sint bune pentru ca avem exemplu orașul Detroit. Si la scara mare Obama.

      • E de remarcat la Daley duritatea deosebita cu care a reactionat in timpul revoltelor ce au urmat asasinarii lui Martin Luther King. Iata ce spune Wikipedia:

        „Displeased with what he saw as an overly cautious police response to the rioting, Daley chastised police superintendent James B. Conlisk and subsequently related that conversation at a City Hall press conference as follows[8]:

        „I said to him very emphatically and very definitely that an order be issued by him immediately to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand, because they’re potential murderers, and to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting.”

        This statement generated significant controversy. Daley’s supporters deluged his office with grateful letters and telegrams (nearly 4,500 according to Time Magazine), and it has been credited for Chicago’s being one of the cities least affected by the riots. But others were appalled. Rev. Jesse Jackson, for example, called it „a fascist’s response.” The Mayor later backed away from his words in an address to the City Council, saying:

        „It is the established policy of the police department – fully supported by this administration – that only the minimum force necessary be used by policemen in carrying out their duties.”

        Later that month, Daley asserted „There wasn’t any shoot-to-kill order. That was a fabrication.”

      • Si fii atenta cum i se spunea si cum a ramas in memoria locuitorilor:

        „Daley was known by many Chicagoans as „Da Mare” („The Mayor”), „Hizzoner” („His Honor”), and „The Man on Five” (his office was on the fifth floor of City Hall). Since Daley’s death and the subsequent election of son Richard as mayor in 1989, the first Mayor Daley has become known as „Boss Daley,” „Old Man Daley,” „Papa Bear,” or „Daley Senior” to residents of Chicago.”

      • La fel, uite ce se spune despre el:

        „Chicago-style politics is a byword used to designate a set of characteristics associated to the less commendable aspects of the recent political history of the American city of Chicago, Illinois, (i.e., corruption, patronage, nepotism, authoritarianism) which is often cited as an example of blatant corruption.[1] A study conducted by the University of Illinois has found that since 1972 three [Illinois?] governors before Governor Blagojevich, and a total of 1,000 [Chicago?] public officials and businessmen have been convicted of public corruption since 1970.[2]
        The administration of the city under mayor Richard J. Daley is believed to incarnate this style at its worst, several of Daley’s subordinates being jailed for corruption. However the most significant systemic trait of Daley’s Administration, regarding Chicago-style politics, was its extended reliance on a heavy political machine, the so called Chicago Machine, with all its venal implications,[3][4] which not only served to seize the power but also to exert control and to perpetuate political hegemony. Sociologists have demonstrated that this kind of political organization antedates Daley’s mandate and can be traced as far back as 1928,[5] being in fact a long political habitus, whose roots and scope go well beyond the formal political party sphere and affect the social structures at community levels.”

      • Da… Dar… acolo asta e obiceiul locului… Acuma, ce sa-i mai faci…? Insa a salvat orasul! Si observa ca azi Chicago atrage populatie. Multa lume vine acolo, din cate am mai citit, pentru locuri de munca. E o metropola mare… Pai tot, cu suburbii, cu tot, e mai mare decat Bulgaria, aproape cat Ungaria.

      • Nu cred! Sunt destui bogati in Chicago si nu poti sa spui ca sunt lenesi cei din Chicago. Eu nu cred ca o duc rau acolo, in general vorbind, nici bogatii si nici cei care sunt mai saraci, cel putin fata de alte parti sau nu mai rau decat altii.

      • Iti citez din articol:

        „In contrast, Austin says Chicago’s segregation weighs heavily on local African-American jobless rates – especially compared to other metropolitan areas in the report.

        „The black population is not completely separate, but more isolated, not simply spatially, but economically and socially,” Austin said.”

      • Gresesti dintr-un punct de vedere. Negrii nu sint segregati. Dimpotriva, albii sint.

        Nu stiu daca va putea sau nu ca sa le niveleze, dar asta va incerca in cei 4 ani ramasi. Cine stie repercursiunile….poate inca citiva zeci de ani dupa ce pleaca el si SUA tot va avea de recuperat….

      • Eu vad, pentru ca vad in ce hal a ajuns societatea. Eu vad ce face guvernul, ce se invata in scoli, ce cred oamenii. O societate fara moralitate se distruge pe ea insasi.

    • Orașul New York a fost pe aceeași ruta dezastruoasa. A venit un primar, Giuliani, care a implementat măsuri cit de cit conservative, care a redus programele sociale, si care a prioritarizat banii pe ce a fost necesar, nu pe ceva neproductiv. Se poate, dar este foarte greu ca sa convingi oamenii sa fie responsabili cu propria viața si sa nu aștepte ca sa fie hraniti cu biberonul de către guvern.

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